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Koko Brishky Staff Photo
Koko  Brishky
7th Grade ELA
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Master's in School Counseling

Master's in Spiritual Psychology

Bachelor's in Education


14 years of teaching experience! Currently teaching 7th ELA and love it. I have also had the privilage of teaching 1st grade and 6th grade. With these years comes Music and P.E. I have been involved in cheer, basketball, drama, and chorus. Cornersville is my favorite place I have ever worked and I love it here.


Hello! I am the 7th ELA teacher at Cornersville Middle School. When I was asked to teach ELA I was a little nervous. It has turned out to be my favorite subject I have ever taught. It helps to be partnered with the best ELA teacher ever, Mrs. Worley. Together we, Mrs. Ledford, Mrs. Ridley, Coach Crabtree, and Coach Nance have the greatest team anyone could ask for. We don't just teach acedemics, we teach life!

When you go to work and you don't feel like you work, it's not work! I attribute that to my team and the wonderful kids I get to be with everyday. They make me laugh, touch my heart, and make me frustrated sometimes, but I wouldn't change it for anything. How grateful I am to be at CVMS.

Then when I get home, I am fortunate again. I have my two daughters, who are some of my best friends. Many of you have met them and have gotten to hear them sing. I am biased, but I think they sound like angels.

If I could do anything in my spare time I would travel, be with family and friends, and be with my animals. One of my favorite quotes ever is, "The greatest work is within the walls of your own home." I live by this, at home and at school.